During this very difficult and for many, a sad time, there emerges some heroes who by their studious dedication and work, make things happen - Front line NHS Doctors & Nurses, Care Home workers/assistants, Pharmacy staff, Police Officers, Public Transport drivers, Supermarket staff and Delivery drivers can all be included as Heroes and also the many thousands of unknowns, who are helping whether, delivering food packs or just calling on those in difficulty. We also have a ‘big’ unknown, Captain Tom who raised over an astonishing £30 million for the NHS - outstanding!

Our Lodge also has some new heroes, namely “W Bro Paul Marshall and Bro Chris Bull” - Paul our Deputy Almoner, dived straight into action by checking on all members and organising help for those in need. Chris Bull, then proposed our supplying PPE to our local hospitals which was taken up in earnest by the Lodge GP whereby, donations were made available from Lodge & Chapter funds together with heartfelt “member donations” to aid the cause.

Through their magnificent efforts they have supplied the following 
to Basildon and Southend Hospitals…


8,000     Aprons
   424     Coveralls
2,100     Gloves
   400     Isolation Gowns

2,000     Nurse Caps
3,200     Overshoes
1,800     Wipes

Some photo’s showing Paul & Chris delivering the PPE together with several hospital representatives…

In addition to these efforts the Lodge has transferred:

£500 to the Provincial Almoner Fund.

£1,000 to the Provincial Initiative of supplying Face Masks to Essex Care Homes.
Also £250 to Kim Cannon, a local dressmaker who is now producing Hospital Scrubs for our local hospitals…  

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