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Roger Northwood - 2022/2023

October 22

OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 15th 2022 - Our reigning master, W Bro. Paul Field successfully installed Bro. Roger Northwood into the chair of our Lodge. He was assisted by W Bro's Paul Thurgood, Stuart James and Mike Steptoe who acted as SW, JW & IG respectfully. The Chaplain, DC & ADC remained in office and W Bro. Steve Bull acted as Secretary - W Bro. Stuart remained as JW in the absence of Iain MacMillan. The installing Master Paul, gave a first class performance as well as giving the Master's address with competency and feeling.

Our new WM Roger, then very competently installed his officers.

The first class ceremony ended with W Bro. Roy Squibb giving the address to the wardens and W Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown the address to the brethren.

Roger now fully entrenched in the Masters chair didn't waste time in expertly progressing his way through the remaining summons agenda including the successful ballot for a new joining member.

The day concluded with the usual 'Albert Lucking' festive board, full of friendship and good cheer. 

NOVEMBER 19th 2022 - Roger Northwood opened his Lodge, with confidence, being the first time as Worshipful Master. Following the entry of, Christopher Bush PGStwd, who announced Dennis Baum requested admission on an official visit to the Lodge as Provincial SGW, following which Roger duly welcomed him. Within the normal business of the lodge today was a passing ceremony for Bro. Trevor Sadler. The ceremony was carried out by Terry Thurston duly assisted by the officers of the lodge. Andy Latham presented the working tools and Paul Field delivered the second degree charge. There then followed what can be justly described as - one of the the finest deliveries - of the extended second degree tracing board by Bro. Josh Vaughan. The presentation was acknowledged by the visiting PGSW, Dennis Baum stating "Of all my 49 years in freemasonry, I have never seen such a delivery." Also in attendance was an invited guest Alan Anthony, the Secretary of Castle Point Lodge No. 9122. His lodge holds an achievement of eight successive members delivering this address but, still as fellowcrafts. Alan gave equal praise to Josh and even more so hi-lighting that this was the extended version.  

The Castle Point Lodge story can be found on the UGLE blog website or clicking this link: 



Following this exceptional meeting our WM Roger, ruled over our equally splendid festive board to conclude a memorable day for our Lodge.



November 22

JANUARY 21st 2023 - Today's meeting was to be challenging. Our IPM Paul Field, who was to perform the passing ceremony was unable to make the meeting. To add to the problem our candidate to be passed also was unable to attend and so the candidate planned for next month was hurriedly substituted. With a couple of other officers absent including the Chaplain and ADC, the officers did extremely well in performing the ceremony. Our master Roger Northwood invited Terry Thurston to carryout the ceremony with Trevor Sadler, only passed last meeting, to perform the second tools. Joshua Vaughan also gave his now exceptional delivery of the second degree tracing board.

The day concluded with our usual splendid festive board with Stuart James acting Tyler at the meal, and delivering the Tyler's toast regularly delivered by our past Tyler, Wilf Lord during the 1980's.

January 23
February 23

FEBRUARY 18th 2023 - Today, yet another challenging meeting with several members absent and again our candidate to be passed also was unable to attend and so with no substitute available, at such short notice, a demonstration of a passing ceremony was performed. Trevor Sadler acted as the candidate with Paul Field performing the ceremony to his usual high standards and Kevin Wealthall presenting the working tools. Joshua Vaughan gave his usual full presentation of the second degree tracing board. 

Our Master Roger Northwood gave praise to the officers involved and for making the meeting an enjoyable occasion. The enjoyment spilled over to our usual splendid festive board to conclude the day.

March 23

MARCH 18th 2023 - This meeting like the previous two was equally challenging as our Master Roger Northwood was absent due to his wife being rushed to hospital suffering from what turned out to be meningitis. This of course cast a shadow over the proceedings which was the raising of Trevor Sadler. Paul Field took the chair as WM with Terry Thurston performing the ceremony. The ceremony was a sheer delight to watch with Paul Field presenting the working tools. The Walking Charge now a regular part of our ceremony was today performed by Josh Vaughan in an outstanding variation of the address that only Josh could perform. Josh also acted as SD for the ceremony in the absence of Chris Bull and Vic Chivers stood in as JD. Stuart James acted as ADC in the absence of Kevin Wealthall. The brethren retired to our revamped Speciality Fish Evening enjoying the Fish Stall and a three course Fish dinner followed by dessert. There was some singing of songs under the guidance of Bernie Knight with music being provided by 'Spotify.' Our Master Roger, insisted that the Festive Board continue with the good humour and song he had arranged, and would have been justly proud not only of the evening but also of the work in the temple.

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