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Vic Chivers - 2019/2020

OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 19th 2019 Our reigning Master W Bro. Vic Chivers opened what was to be his Lodge ‘swan song’ by installing Bro. Paul Field. Alas, not all goes to plan in Freemasonry and Bro Paul’s installation ‘amicably’ had to be deferred until next year. So W Bro. Vic was declared again Worshipful Master to continue in office for a further year. Having the experience in holding the office, Vic smoothly installed his officers in what was a very brief ceremony. W Bro. Roy Squibb gave the address to  the wardens and W Bro. Terry Thurston the address to the Brethren. The meeting was attended by many regular guests but importantly 9 reigning circuit masters and 2 potential joining members, who came along to see for themselves our lodge in action. As usual, all retired and enjoyed our usual hearty festive board concluding a lovely ‘although short’ ceremony.

NOVEMBER 16th 2019 -The Lodge was opened by our Worshipful Master, W Bro. Vic Chivers commencing his second concurrent year in office and he was delighted to receive our APGM W Bro. Tony White on an official visit. The ceremony performed was a raising and carried out by W Bro. Terry Thurston with W. Bro Barry Nichols delivering the traditional history. Bro. Josh Vaughan presented the tools and W Bro. Brian Bowden-Brown gave a very heart-felt and moving Walking Charge; the temple fell into total silence for this unique delivery. Prior to resuming in the first, Bro. Josh Vaughan gave a “Nugget” from the Solomon archive entitled the Master Masons Apron; Josh was instructed to just to read the address, but he put it to memory and stunned all present with his skills of presentation. The afternoon continued with a cheque for £15,000 being approved for payment to the Festival 2022 to complete our charity target amount. A proud W Bro. Vic duly presented the cheque to W Bro. Tony White who was equally proud in presenting the lodge Grand Patron certificate photo  There followed another two successful propositions for charity payments of £1,300. Finally, we had in attendance a further visiting Brother with possible intentions of becoming a joining member. This extremely successful afternoon, concluded with our hearty festive board.  


JANUARY 18th 2020 - Our Worshipful Master, Vic Chivers opened the Lodge promptly at 4pm. Following the confirmation of the minutes from our previous meeting, Vic proceeded with a first degree. The ceremony was well executed for the initiate as well as for the brethren in attendance. Bro. Julian Slater presented the working tools with together Bro’s Josh Vaughan & Paul Field presenting the charge; all presentations were extremely well received. Following the ceremony, our regular visiting Grand Officer, Mike Kendall presented Bro. Julian Slater with his Grand Lodge certificate, incorporating an explanation of earlier certificates. We also balloted and approved for a joining member, W Bro. Kevin Wealthall; Kevin was looking for a more local Lodge to where he lives and wonderfully, our Lodge fit the bill!

FEBRUARY 15th 2020 Alas, our Master Vic was unable to attend the festive Board which was a themed Burns evening and so our very capable IPM Paul Marshall took up the reins which rounded off an extremely successful afternoon. Today was to be a challenge as our Worshipful Master opened the Lodge at 4.10pm. Our planned initiate had sadly been taken ill and was unable to attend the meeting and this information was only known some 5 days before the meeting. Following many discussions, it was agreed that we proceed with Bro Batchelor’s raising ceremony; another factor was our officers were also conversant with the ceremony. The problems however, was further impacted by our Senior & Junior Deacons also being absent on the day and so hurriedly Brother Joshua Vaughan took on the role of JD and a regular guest to our lodge W Bro. Mark Turner kindly acted as SD. The work was carried out and performed well given the circumstances, with W Bro Terry Thurston taking the chair for the ceremony and W Bro Barry Nichols delivering the traditional history. Bro Joshua Vaughan presented the working tools and the DC brought the brethren to order in appreciation, in what is becoming a regular occurrence for Josh’s ritual deliveries. With the Treasurer and IPM also on holiday, the day was challenging indeed! - The brethren retired to the festive board which was a French themed menu.    

MARCH 'FISH NIGHT' 21st 2020 - This meeting was abandoned due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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