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Paul Marshall - 2017/2018

OCTOBER 'INSTALLATION' 21st 2017 - W Bro. Barry Nichols opened his lodge for the final time promptly at 3pm. The brethren were called to order for the sad loss of W Bro. Richard Walker. Following the reading of the minutes and approving the accounts W Bro. Barry proceeded with the installation ceremony by asking W Bro’s MacMillan, McCormack and James to act as SW, JW & IG respectively. He then went on to install Bro Paul Marshall as Master in a first class ceremony. Paul took on the role of Master with ease, confidently carrying out his duties with cordial respect from the brethren. Bro’s Paul Field, Chris Bull and Joshua Vaughan each gave the presentation of the various degree tools in equally splendid measure. W Bro. Paul Thurgood gave the address to the Wardens and W Bro. McCormack closed the ceremony with the address to the brethren. The meeting was attended by 5 reigning past masters together with (now becoming a regular visitor to our lodge) W Bro. Simon Westwood from the Shenstonian Lodge in Warwickshire keeping our connection with his lodge clearly open. The meeting concluded at 6.20pm and the brethren retired to a hearty festive board.

NOVEMBER 18th 2017 - W Bro. Paul Marshall opened his lodge promptly at 4pm. Unfortunately our proposed initiate had fallen ill and was unable to make the meeting and as the lodge was given little notice it was agreed we proceed with a demonstration of the first degree. The Worshipful Master then confidently performed the ceremony with Dean Fielder acting as the candidate. Josh Vaughan presented the working tools with Paul Thurgood delivering the charge. There then followed a presentation of the first degree tracing board by Paul Field. The explanation and delivery of this very little seen work by Paul was exemplary and he was given a rapturous ‘call to order.’ A visiting brother also stood to express his appreciation. Also amongst our visitors today we had 6 brethren from the Yare Valley Lodge 8899 in Norwich escorted by their own W Bro. Jon Hyam, the brain child behind the visit. The brethren received an escorted tour of our Masonic centre and expressed their thanks for what they said was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting and the hearty festive board that followed -  photo

JANUARY 20th 2018 - Today was an important day for our Master Paul Marshall as he was performing the ceremony. But… this would be his first ‘real’ ceremony as at his last meeting he performed a demonstration of the first degree due to the candidate unable to attend ‘at the last minute’ because of illness. The ceremony today however, was a double initiation adding an exciting edge to the proceedings which Paul handled very professionally and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘he & they.’ He was ably supported by all his officers but credit must be given to the Deacons in particular the Junior Deacon for controlling the floor work. The working tools were presented by Josh Vaughan and the charge by Paul Thurgood; we also had our guest Brian Catt giving the preamble to the charge. The brethren retired to a festive board including ‘Haggis’ addressed by our own Graeme McCormack. The members were also presented with their Firing Glasses in memory of our departed brother John Willis; the glasses will be used only at our installation evenings but tonight they were used for the toast to our Master.

FEBRUARY 17th 2018 - W Bro. Paul Marshall opened ‘his lodge’ for his penultimate time promptly at 4pm. He then opened in all three degrees and vacated the chair for Terry Thurston our DC who performed the third degree ceremony in his inimitable style. Our IPM Barry Nichols presented the third degree working tools and Graeme McCormack his now regular walking charge. The report here is relatively short but the ceremony was a pleasure to watch. The brethren retired to yet another of our hearty ‘Lucking’ festive boards.

MARCH 'FISH NIGHT' 17th 2018 - What a great final meeting for our Worshipful Master, Paul Marshall. His year in office culminated in this ‘swan song’ of a day. He strongly opened the meeting to some 60 members and visitors. He had a special visitor requiring admittance namely W Bro. Tony White our new APGM. Paul went on to perform a second degree with the help of his officers and Chris Bull delivering the tools and Paul Field a faultless explanation of the second degree tracing board. The APGM presented Grand Lodge certificates to 3 members but sadly was unable to present Bro. Les Steptoe his 60 year certificate as Les who is finding things a little difficult these days, was unable to attend; the certificate will be taken and presented to Les at a later date in the year. Finally, it was our Fish Night festive board and a special night as Stuart James who has compared the event for some 15 years is finally standing down and handing over the reins to Austin Latham.

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