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Lewis Mayo - 2014/2015

OCTOBER (INSTALLATION) 18th 2014 - The meeting was on target for some calamities with the Treasurer and DC both being absent and to cap it all our secretary possibly being late!!!! – but fear not… other than the meeting being put back by half an hour to allow a little more time for our secretary to arrive, all went well and the afternoons work was a joy to watch. Our installing master Terry Thurston performed a wonderful ceremony in placing Lewis Mayo into the chair. Lewis took on his roll with equal verve putting all his work at the LOI during the past six weeks to good use. Presentation of tools were excellently performed by Matt Lenton, Paul Field and Lloyd Brooks. Roy Squibb gave the Wardens address and our new joining member Graeme McCormack gave a faultless address to the brethren. Finally, our acting DC Simon Clarkson once again showed his versatility in performing many different roles. Our new master Lewis Mayo has also performed many acting roles during his career in freemasonry and therefore justly deserves the accolade of becoming the master of our lodge.

NOVEMBER 15th 2014 - The first full meeting for our new master W. Bro Lewis Mayo commenced at 4pm. He took control from the start and performed a ceremony of initiation exceedingly well with valued support from his new officers. A particular mention must be made for our relatively new member Bro Paul Field who presented not only the tools of the degree but also the charge with pre-amble in an exemplary manner. The initiate was in awe of the whole ceremony and appreciated all the work that was involved. W. Bro Clem Britton gave the long closing ending a fantastic afternoons work with a great start to Lewis’s year.

JANUARY 17th 2015 - Our master W. Bro Lewis Mayo opened the lodge promptly at 4pm. The ceremony today was a double raising with W. Bro Terry Thurston performing the degree and W. Bro Richard Bedini presenting the traditional history both ably supported by the lodge officers. Our master, Lewis presented the third degree working tools which was then followed by the ‘walking charge’ given by W. Bro Graeme McCormack in an exemplary manner which concluded the ceremony perfectly. W. Bro Graeme has become a valued member of our lodge after only joining us during March last year. The afternoon also included our charity steward W. Bro Mike Steptoe giving details of the £6,495 the lodge has given in support of various charities during 2014.


FEBRUARY 21sth 2015 - W. Bro Lewis Mayo opened the lodge promptly at 4.30pm. There was an immediate knock on the door and our APGM W. Bro Robert Whittingham was admitted. There followed a second degree passing ceremony performed by our Master Lewis assisted by his officers with a sterling performance by our SD Bro Paul Marshall. The tools were presented by Bro Matt Lenton and a rendition of the extended version of the second degree tracing board delivered impeccably by Bro Dave Bolton; our DC brought the Brethren to order in appreciation of Bro Dave’s excellent presentation of ritual. W. Bro Stuart James then presented two Grand Lodge certificates in his walking presentation much appreciated by the brethren. A lovely afternoon with the meeting over-running by some 30 minutes.

MARCH (FISH NIGHT) 21st 2015 - The Lodge was opened at 4pm and the brethren were called to order in remembrance of W. Bro John Willis who passed away sadly just 6 months from his 100th birthday. John had been a resident in Stisted Hall over the past 4 years and on many occasions praised the home’s staff for the excellent way they cared for him. Following this sad start the meeting continued however with several officers being unavoidably absent a few changes had to be made; W. Bro Simon Clarkson acted as DC & Chaplin, W. Bro Roy Squibb as ADC, Bro Barry Nichols as Junior Warden and Bro Matt Lenton as Inner Guard. This however did not effect the excellent double initiation ceremony with our Master Lewis Mayo on top form. A particular mention must also be given to Bro Vic Chivers as Junior Deacon, Bro Lloyd Brooks for the working tools and Bro Paul Field who gave a faultless pre-amble and charge which received a well deserved call to order. Following this the Master then declared Bro Austin Latham as Master Elect for the ensuing year. The brethren retired to the annual Fish Night festive board in which 58 dined to a 5 course fish supper with song and humour under the guidance of W. Bro Stuart James competently supported by Bro Barry Nichols and from Norfolk, W. Bro Jon Hyam. Certainly, a day to remember.

JUNE (‘D’ DAY SPECIAL) LADIES EVENING 6th 2015 - Our ‘D’ Day special commenced at 6.30pm and got off to a great start with a Champagne reception. This was followed with our president Lewis Mayo being escorted by Jane Byrne (one of his ‘two’ ladies for the evening) into the dining area for a 4 course dinner. Stephanie Taylor was his other lady who also assisted. The tables were adorned with bespoke place cards and menus designed on the theme of the evening including some cutout medals. A magician also moved between the tables ‘wowing’ the guests. Following dinner our compare for the evening and the event main organiser Austin Latham then introduced Paul Field who proposed a toast to the Ladies to which Yvonne Marshall gave an appropriate reply. Stuart James then proposed a toast to our President and Master of the Lodge, Lewis Mayo who also gave a hearty reply. All the ladies received a gift of a delightful bracelet which all varied in design. A round of ‘heads & tails’ took place together with a raffle which included many excellent prizes including a 24” TV incorporating a DVD. The monies raised from the evening was £940 which will be for our Masters charity, Admiral Nurses incorporated within Dementia UK. Once all the eating and talking was over the dancing commenced with some nostalgic Glenn Miller music from the era followed by current music trends. Austin Latham and his team must be congratulated for organising what was a superb evening. 

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