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Essex Family Cluster Tree

We are part of the Province of Essex and a Essex Family Cluster Tree was produced in 2006.  

Following an intensive search by the Lodge of True Friendship together with our own Chapter member W. Bro Derek Childs—it was concluded that the Lodge of True Friendship 160 was a direct descendant of the Strong Man Lodge 45.
There was a special meeting and dinner held at Saxon Hall during the 31st March 2006 to celebrate the Essex Family Cluster which was attended by the PGM the RW Bro. J. M. Webb and various other retinue with of course members from the Strong Man & Lodge of True Friendship Lodges.

By clicking this pdf shows the tree chart based on a copy presented on the night albeit our taking the liberty of high-lighting the main branches leading to our lodge, also adding those Lodges that sadly, have since been erased...

Acknowledgements are gratefully extended to W. Bro P. Vidler of Strong Man Lodge 45, W. Bro J. Smoothy of TrueFriendship Lodge 160, W. Bro J.G. Amos of Earl Amhurst Lodge 3230, and W. Bro C. Penny of Leigh Chase Lodge 6804 for their very significant assistance in the preparation of this tree. Also to W. Bro Derek Childs, previously Secretary of the Shoeburyness Lodge 6665, who in recent times was the first to appreciate and process data relating to the kinship of the Strong Man and True Friendship Lodges. 

History cannot always be shown definitely on a piece of paper. Strong Man’s relevant early 'minutes' were lost.

So there are no defining documents extant confirming the Strong Man Lodge was the Mother Lodge of True Friendship.However the first Worshipful (Master), Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Secretary of True Friendship were all senior brethren of the Strong Man Lodge.

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